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Spray extraction carpet cleaning services - we pre-spray your carpets with our special solution then proceed to extract the dirt, grime and household odours using only clean water leaving your carpets fresh and bright, dry enough to walk on and usually dries in 2 to 3 hours. Drying time depends on the weather and environment.

We are often asked about our environmentally friendly carpet cleaning services and what it is. The simple way to explain would be to summerise the benefits of it below:
Low water use - low power use - bio-degradable detergent - no chemical residue left behind - clean fresh carpets - brightened colour and patterns.

Fabric & Leather lounge clean - office chairs

Lounge clean, dining & office chair cleaning - we use the same spray extraction method as above to clean your fabric chairs, leaving them looking fresh and enhancing the colour and patterns in the fabric.
Also we clean leather and apply conditioner for rejuvenating for those expensive leather lounge suites and leather office chairs.
Leather lounges and chairs need just as much care as your fabric chairs, in fact leather chairs should be cleaned once every year and have leather conditioning solution applied to extend it's life. When leather dries out it starts to crack and looses it strength and appearance.
Our cleaning method removes dust mites, body grease & grime, smells and extends the life of your fabric lounge and leather chairs.
Stain & odour treatment - remove those stale smells and unsightly marks in your carpet with our special treatment plus we can offer a urine treatment for those pet marks in your carpet and soft furnishings. Remember the longer it stays there the longer it stays.
Blot up any excess fluids and call your carpet cleaning professional for assistance in removing the problem area before it becomes permanent. Always be careful what you use on any stain as it may cause it to become permanent, call us for advice.
Save your money, don't replace the carpets, call us first and we can clean those stains and treat the pet marks with our urine treatment.
In-home Cleaning - vacuum all floors, clean wet areas (bathroom, en-suite, toilets,laundry, kitchen) mop hard floors, wipe over benchtops etc. hourly rates apply. 1.5 or 2 hrs weekly or 2, 3 or 4 weekly. Price on inquiry, indivudual quotes done.
Buddies External House Washing - removes unsightly mould/mildew plus stubborn dirt and grime. . With 22 years of experience in this special area of cleaning we are happy to once again be able to offer our service now that water restrictions are eased.

All wash-down work is done by hand by fully trained staff and all care is taken to preserve gardens and plants, not harmful to painted surfaces. Includes all outside surface area from the guttering down with special care around windows and doors. High pressure washer available where needed.

Ideal for pre-sale preparation - gives your house a facelift by removing years of sun damage in your paint and road grime that sticks to the outside of your house, plus mould and mildew bloom using our experience and skills.

We come from Toowoomba in Queensland where most houses are washed every 12 to 18 months because of the growth of mould and mildew on the outside walls. Our business was regarded no.1 in our field.

Give us a call and find out how we can help with your cleaning services in Adelaide.
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