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My personal guarantee to you

Clean or it's Free

All our work comes with my personal guarantee that it's clean or it's FREE , that your carpets are clean or they are free of charge, in fact we will offer to redo them as needed.
We do not promise to be able to remove all stains from your carpets.
We will however use our extensive knowledge to remove stains where possible or at least , lighten them.
Our cleaning system does not harm your carpets in anyway and is advisable to have them cleaned regularly so we are able to remove most stains before they become permanent.

​For more information go to our ' Terms of Use' 

Your carpets and fabric furnishings are left free of harmful chemicals and contaminates, like dirt, grime and odours, leaving it dry enough to walk or sit on and is usually dry in 4  hours depending on the weather.
From our many years of experience we have devised a system of specialised products to remove grease and most food marks except for some food colouring.
Make-up is not always able to be removed, but we guarantee to try our best to remove the product or lighten the mark in the carpet. All care is taken in the removing process.

In the case of a spill we advise that our client not try to treat the area before we are called, except to remove the excess product from the carpet area and blot up any fluid with paper towel is advised then if needed call your local carpet cleaning professional.

Remember my personal guarantee to you, it's ' Clean or it's FREE '

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Buddies Cleaning

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